A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Boodunnit?! is an adventure-sandbox game where you play as a ghost that has to solve the mystery of her own murder!

The village of Boonkle was a peaceful, quiet, and remarkably crime-free place, until one fateful Tuesday when florist and ex-detective Julia Lawson abruptly died under mysterious circumstances. Bummer. 

Now in the form of a ghost, her naturally curious character compels her to figure out how she died. Besides, if she doesn’t, she won’t be able to move on to the afterlife.

Together with her sister Emmie, the two Lawson sisters must work together to solve the mystery from both sides of life, and learn to let each other go along the way.

Since Julia is now a ghost (or maybe I should say BOO-lia) she has a number of ghostly powers, such as:

  •  Levitate objects in the air around her
  •  Possess living beings and control their bodies and speech
  •  Dash through thin fences and gates

Using these powers, you play as Boolia as she explores, interrogates, and investigates around Boonkle!


WASD = Navigation

Mouse movement = Camera movement, levitation movement

Scroll mouse wheel = camera zoom in/out

Spacebar = Jump

Escape = Pause menu

Shift = Dash

F = Talk

E = Possess/Unpossess

Q = Special ability possession

Left mouse click = start levitation/end levitation

Left mouse button = Levitate and move object


Producer: Febe Mollen

Creative Director: Maya Bloem

Game Designer: Lucas Lotstra

Game Designer: Martijn Bankert

Art Director: Kela van der Deijl

Artist: Brainilio Imambaks Rodrigues

Artist: Jorrik Dillisse

Artist: Mischa Penders

Artist:  Sven Koene

Technical Director: Patrick Vonk

Developer: Daryl van den Berg

Developer: Jesse Minneboo

Developer: Nathan Drijver

Developer: Nienke Overmeer

Developer: Ryan Rooijakkers

Developer: Tim van Hal

Music: Brainilio Imambaks Rodrigues

Sound Effects: Jorrik Dillisse, Kela van der Deijl, Sven Koene 

Boodunnit?! contains frequent mentions of death, as well as cartoon representations of blood. Parental supervision is recommended.


Boodunnit V1.4.3 Linux 220 MB
Boodunnit V1.4.3 Windows 215 MB
Boodunnit V1.4.3 Mac 208 MB

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